Black Sun roundup post

June 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is a post so that people reading the Black Sun stories can find all of them. I’m hoping to continue the series soon, and I figured having a single place to find all of them to date would be useful. There’s a lot going on behind what ends up getting written, which I expect wouldn’t interest anyone but myself, and I use the writing of these short pieces to help me flesh out where I’m going with it. In general, it’s the story of Liz Sheridan, a human woman who becomes part of the larger galaxy, and Kyrian, who is definitely not human. It’s also about war, death, slavery, hate and all those other horrible things we do. There might be some love in there someday.

A lot of it still needs to be tied up: writing this stuff online is effectively the same as hanging a bunch of first drafts for you to read. I’m used to writing this way now. There are actually a lot more of these stories than I realized, so hopefully there’s some fun there to be had.

The Orphaned Part 1

The Orphaned Part 2

The Orphaned Part 3

The Orphaned Part 4

The Days We Lost


Taklarsaza Part 1

Taklarsaza Part 2

Taklarsaza Part 3

Taklarsaza Part 4

The Murdering Messenger

I Bring You Death

I Bring You Death Part 2

I Bring You Death Part 3

All Alone Together Part 1

All Alone Together Part 2

What You Hide Finds You Part 1

What Your Hide Finds You Part 2

What You Hide Finds Your Part 3

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