Black Sun -Taklarsaza 1

March 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Space is vast, and contains myriad myriads of worlds. One of these worlds is home to the Birth Ocean, a vast chemical slurry covering a mostly nickel and iron ball that orbits a small orange star hidden within an enormous gas cloud. The cloud is a remnant of a titanic series of stellar explosions several billion years ago that has yet to coalesce into more than a few stars and planets to spin around them. The cloud is, as one might expect from the graveyard of many destroyed stars, extremely rich in heavy elements.

The Birth Ocean is, in a manner of speaking, an enormous life form. Made up primarily of liquid methane, filled with silicates, heavy elements like iron, and much tin and germanium. However, the Birth Ocean is not a thinking creature. Instead, what it does is disgorge. What emerges from it is mostly nothing terribly interesting, heaps of randomly assembled metals and crystals. However, it is here that the Taklarsaza arose.

There is no widespread government in the galaxies the Taklarsaza have settled colonies. They themselves have dozens of worlds under their control, which makes them neither a large nor a trivial power. Before they learned how to use gravitational fields to distort space time, they were effectively confined to their home galaxy, a smaller one roughly 50,000 light years distant from the poles of the largest galaxy in their local group. It is unknown even to them how long it took them to develop away from the strange, semi-amorphous piles of metal and crystal etched by the methane ocean and begin their conquest of the worlds surrounding their own.

Even the word Taklarsaza is not one they themselves use, for they do not use words at all among themselves. They generally communicate by raising and lowering the conductivity of the thin metal that covers their jagged, spherical bodies. It is as difficult for them to speak to other peoples as it is for other peoples to try and communicate with them. Indeed, they have on at least two occasions failed to recognize that a world was inhabited by living things before descending upon it to slice it up for its mineral wealth, which they use for a variety of purposes. To a Taklarsaza, a world with heavy elements is a source of food and reproductive material to be brought to one of the planets on which they have carefully reproduced the Birth Ocean.

The first time this happened, they managed to recognize their error. The other life form was composed of electrostatic plasma, and they managed to discover a means to replicate the Taklarsaza language. It was this race that introduced the Taklarsaza to the concept of intelligent non-Taklarsaza life, in fact. Relations were never exactly warm between them, but they managed to avoid encroaching on each other’s needs and at times the Taklarsaza turned to their first contact to help them understand other peoples and how to avoid encroachment. Then, without warning, the plasma people were gone and the Taklarsaza were forced to deal with galaxies full of life they could barely perceive, entities made of substance that seemed unsuitable for life to their minds.

The Taklarsaza do not hate beings made of, as an example, carbon. They simply have a hard time believing that said beings are truly alive. Would you make life out of carbon and water?

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