Black Sun – I Bring You Death

June 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

The ground exploded into fragments, some barely the size of a grain of rice. Some almost the size of a hand made into a fist.

Kyrian Hallatiris Harrakar directed a will that clawed at the inside of his skull, feral with rage and disgust, and hammered the earth beneath the metallic beings tendril-legs with enough force to crack a mountain. They didn’t even have time to discharge the objects in their grasp. Kyrian could see the ions leaking from them, knew them to likely be electrical discharge weapons. He did not care nor have to care.

He made a completely unnecessary gesture and the fragments of rock and cemented terrain, of ceramic and metal, all halted in their rain from the air. Cast into the sky by his initial attack, the particles and fragments now tumbled in the air but did not descend. In the featureless, spike clad headpiece of his living metal brother, his armor, his friend only his seething green fire eyes were visible. They flashed.

The tumbling debris suddenly lurched forward. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of projectiles, snapped forward at supersonic speeds, accompanied by the noise of the sound barrier breaking thousands upon thousands of times in a second. Fifty seven of the metal spiders, the Taklarsaza, that had managed to avoid the explosion of his initial attack were unable to avoid the rain of bullets created out of it. Their inner fluids crystallized as they were suddenly exposed to air. Rythe had not even had time to attack and the attack was over. There were roughly a hundred or so of the metal spiders and all of them were dead. It had taken Kyrian eight seconds to kill them. She might have expected it from Tatris or Malan.

Kyrian was already bent over one of the bodies as Rythe scanned for any survivors. His metal brother peeled away from his hand and he made direct, skin to skin contact with the thing before she could even object, his seething, furious green eyes glowing even more intensely. He made a sound that mingled pain and disgust, hissing as the will linked him with the dead thing on the ground. Rythe could see the patterns swirling between them, but had never seen the will used this way and did not know what possible end could be achieved by it.

He ripped his hand away with a jerk that tore the sacklike protuberance away from the hardening chemical slurry that had been the metal spider. His armor flowed back up his hand to cover it but he kept flexing the fingers.

“What was that?”

“The embrace of form to form. Last truly practiced during the era of Ry’tharen. Usually used on objects, to see who has touched them, used them. It can cause madness if used on living beings. I risked using it on a dead one.” His voice sounded ragged, like insects inside a metal tube. “I have seen where this metal spider has been. Where all Taklarsaza come from. I have lived his life.” He turned away from her, his shoulders twitching, the metal wings spreading and waving in the air. “They do not believe we are alive.”

“They kill us very well for that.”

“Their thoughts are selfish. Loathsome. They view the entire universe as divided into living things – themselves – and not living things, like us. They see no difference between a sand dune and a being climbing on that dune, if he’s not one of them. Nothing can be alive that did not come from the birth ocean.” He flexed his hand again, still avoiding her gaze. “And everything that exists is here to service them, and their desire to make new birth oceans. All things that are compatible must be fed to the birth ocean, so that life may be made from them.”

“Loathsome, yes. What purpose does knowing it serve?”

I know where the birth ocean is.” Kyrian finally looked at her again, and in that gaze she saw that his self control was gone, perhaps along with his sanity. Kyrian the sluggard, Kyrian the hedonist, even Kyrian of the tormented conscience was gone and in its place stood someone she did not recognize. The metal plate flowed away from his face, and on his familiar features, not so different from her own, she saw a look of mingled horror, despair, and rage so intense she almost shrank back from it. Only her years of service on the front lines of combat allowed her to meet that horrible, naked gaze. “I know where they were born. Where they were all born. It’s not the first birth ocean… it had never seen that… but it is the largest one, fed by countless resources, some once alive. A factory planet that exists to feed their pool of birth. I know where it is. And I’m going to kill it.”

The armor suddenly stiffened, growing edges and spines over every exposed surface, covering his face entirely. His thoughts became completely opaque, and a loud bellow of thought flattened the area where they were standing so completely that she had to throw up her own shields and stiffen as he faded out of sight. Rythe cursed as she realized what he’d done would keep her from finding his path even as she tried to burrow through the obscuring waves.

Given a few minutes she might be able to find the traces he would leave. Given an hour, she knew she would. And in an hour, he could get all the way across the space that their people knew of, could step into the air on an entirely new world and begin whatever he was planning to do.

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