A thing for my D&D campaign

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High tech, high fantasy D&D game, uses 5th edition rules

Setting is the continent of Riatan, a region that surrounds a large mountain range which itself surrounds a large crater. That crater/mountains ring is called Ir’Dronan, and the nation of Unes resides in its heart. Around Ir’Dronan are several other city states, all independent, as no nation holds control over the whole of Riatan. Similarly, no race holds control of any of Riatan’s nation-cities. A few cities for example:


Nazatan – the City of White Spires, Nazatan is one of the oldest of Riatan’s cities. The architectural style consists of a lot of bleached white stone, much of it seamless in a way no longer possible save to the few arcane stonesmiths still in residence in the city. Nazatan is extremely cosmopolitan and dates back so far that even elves have no memory of a time where Nazatan didn’t stand by the Niari River. There is no exact count of Nazatan’s population but there are easily hundreds of thousands of souls in the city, coming from all over the Riatan to settle, trade, or even having been born there. In Nazatan you can meet a Lizardfolk and their Bugbear mate, can see Dwarves trading with Orcs. The city of Nazatan is ruled by the Pallid Choir, a deliberately mysterious assembly who are served and represented by featureless white-gold servants in head to toe plate armor called the Chrome Ones. The Chrome Ones are their guards, their servants, and the enforcers of their will.


Etreanas – less a city and more a series of forts within a large territory that contains both forest and grassland, the Etreanas are a people in a cultural, not a racial sense. Etreanas are quite welcoming, although their original social structure is descended from a halfling people and many prominent Etreanas are still halflings. Ranchers, farmers and cultivars, the Etreanas come from most races. Jogor Tedres is the current leader of the Etreanas, a tall, regal halfling woman who some say has lived over a hundred and ninety years. She deflects all such questions with good humor and if that doesn’t work, rumor is she has the questioner quietly assassinated.


Tel Karnethaz – The Tel is a large city. Not as large in population as Nazatan nor as large in territory as Etreanas holdings, but unlike either of them, its proximity to the mountains surrounding Unes means that it does a brisk trade with the reclusive mountain folk. The Tel’s residents tend to be those that find subterranean confines pleasant or at least tolerable, as the city lives on its trade with Unes, selling them ores and minerals mined from the mountain the city is carved into in exchange for quality goods such as weapons and armor and tools superior to even the finest Dwarven made items.


Piador – Once an elf city, today Piador is open to all, although the simmering racial antipathy between Orcs and Elves remains. There is a significant Orc quarter in Piador, and many of the citizens are what the Elves call ‘Miethmur’, or ‘mud-bloods’ – humans. The humans tolerate the Elves thinly veiled distaste and the Orcs outright disdain because Piador is one of the most magical regions on the continent, and the Arc Jisan teaches all the arcane arts to any who prove to have the aptitude. As the home of Riatan’s biggest center of learning outside of Unes, much of the population of the city either works at the Arc Jisan, or works in businesses that support it in some way. It’s the Riatan equivalent of a college town, but one on a scale only rivaled by Nazatan.


Unes – In the center of the Ir’Dronan the city of Unes rises from an ancient crater. Unlike most cities, Unes is a strangely angled city with much rebuilding and scavenging of ancient structures that no longer function as originally intended, composed of metals not seen elsewhere. Unes is larger than Nazatan both in its obvious dimensions and the vast network of corridors and tunnels that lie under the surface. Its population is far smaller, though – Unes is home to, at most, ten thousand or so humans and while they are not xenophobic, there is a peculiar flaw in the area around Unes that keeps most other races away.

The magic taught by and learned by almost all other people in Riatan does not function in Unes. The people of Unes, although they appear to be humans not much different from those that live in almost every other city in the Riatan, are completely unable to learn the magic taught at the Arc Jisan and, if they meet and fall in love with one of the Miethmur their children will also be born unable to learn said magic. However, the folk of Unes have their own magic – they are capable of crafting strange and wondrous items that are just as capable and powerful outside of their metal city as they are within it.

Unes is ruled by an Admar, who commands several Kaptar – each Kaptar is in charge of a specific aspect of Unes day to day life, and is served by Kommans, and Luutans. These serve as both offices and ranks, and Unes definitely has a bit of a military feel to it. The city’s current ruler is Admar Dareen So, and she is considered a good leader for her people.


There’s room for a lot of towns and cities if none of these appeal. I’m deliberately keeping it loose so players have room to add things.


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