On Euthanasia, Suffering and Endurance (TW Suicide)

March 16, 2017 § Leave a comment

I have read this article several times. It’s a long, complicated, well written, well examined look at euthanasia through the lens of one family’s experiences, with plenty of details from outside that one case. I’m not here to try and expand upon it. It’s worth reading and thinking about.

I’m not against euthanasia. I generally believe that if life has become unendurable, it should be within the power of the person suffering to make the decision on that. As a survivor of a suicide attempt and a disabled man just now coming to terms with my disability (visual impairment – I’m blind in one eye and impaired severely in the other)  I do have thoughts about the topic, however, and I want to share them.

The rest of this post is going behind a cut in case people don’t want to read or head about these topics.

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