Tuesday morning I experienced needles in my eyes

February 11, 2016 § 12 Comments

If you’ve never had that, boy, it’s not fun. Just as a head’s up, you should try and avoid that.

So long story short, I’ve been diagnoses with Diabetes for a few years. But I’ve apparently had it longer than I was diagnosed, because a recent trip to the eye doctor revealed I have Diabetic Retinopathy, and I’ve likely had it for over ten years. It’s in an advanced stage. I only discovered it because there’s a hemorrhage in my left eye (ironically, it’s a lovely pink heart in my field of vision, it looks like I’ve got a 24/7 Valentine’s Day ad in there) that happened this Sunday.

Now, there are treatments for this. Expensive treatments. Treatments that I do not have coverage for. There’s lots of reasons for that, and we’re working on fixing this, but for right now I’m in a situation where I have to cough up money I don’t have or risk blindness. Since I make my living as a writer, blindness is a real problem. Let’s be frank, it would be anyway.

The treatment plan I’m on is a fairly aggressive one. I had to go get injections in my eyes Tuesday morning around 7 in the morning. I want to stress, lying in a hospital chair with metal restraints in your eyes while told to look to the left and having someone inject you in the eyes is about as close to a nightmare experience as I’ve had in a while, and the fact that I managed to do it shows you just how bad the situation is. And I’ll be doing it again monthly for the next two months. There may be lasers in my future as well, or potentially old fashioned surgery, which I can’t really think about right now.

Amuway, yes, we’re doing a GoFundMe because we’re out of options at this point. Any help you can spare would be appreciated. It’s likely not even going to be close to enough, but right now it’s the best we can do. Thank you in advance for any help, and for the well wishes over Twitter the past few days.

§ 12 Responses to Tuesday morning I experienced needles in my eyes

  • All my condolences Rossi. I’ll help as soon as I can, in any way I can. I’m sure I speak for everyone else in the ‘watch community when I say that we’re happy to step up and be your tank for a change however we can.

    Dioniss aca my friend.

  • And some prayers, I can send some prayers too.

  • James says:

    Been through it, vision is more important than the nightmare, but the nightmare is still there.

    Keep up the good work, keep that blood sugar under control….

  • Alan says:

    I realize most people would probably just dismiss this but I still feel obligated to share, just in case:


  • […] won’t solve everything but will help a lot. He wrote this on his blog on Tuesday — it’s going to be a long road. Rough stuff. Good […]

  • Eccentrica says:

    I think it’s really asinine that provincial health coverage only covers children to the age of 20 and people over 65. So …. it’s acceptable to the citizenry for people to be unsighted during their working years? Wtf.

  • […] supposed to be Matthew Rossi’s turn on the Queue today, but as many of you have heard, he’s dealing with health problems right now. I’ll be filling in for as long as needed, but our favorite Warrior is definitely not gone: […]

  • Greg says:

    Hello. Not sure if you are taking Avastin, Eyela, or Lucentis but Avastin does have some grant help to help with medication cost. Not a huge help but it saved me about 170 per two eye injection. I’ve been doing injections for years with my diabetes and understand your pain. Eyela was the best med for me but of course not covered under my current plan so I’m back to Avastin.

  • Greg says:

    Also, I’ve had scatter laser surgery as well, not much help but it is an option

  • Crappy deal. I have diabetes too and hope I don’t have to deal with that.

    Some comfort to you. A friend of mine recently had to have cataract surgery on his eye. Again you’re awake while they do crap with your eyes. He is paranoid about basically anything – if you told him someone was going to cut his fingernails he would get squeamish.

    But he said they give you some drugs and although he remembers being awake, the whole thing was pretty cool.

    Oh yeah – he can see a lot better again too. So there’s that.

    Good luck, see you on the other side.

  • Can I also just add – I am so glad I live in Australia and our pubic health system would cover this free. The american health insurance system is insane.

  • Solyluna says:

    Well, Pirate Ghost.
    You’re in my wife’s and my thoughts. Heading over to the FundMe now… It’s not much, but I want to do what I can to support someone who has (unknowingly) supported me through your writing and curmudgeonly wit when I had tough times.

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