My biggest problem with The Force Awakens (Spoilers)

December 23, 2015 § 1 Comment

There will be spoilers for The Force Awakens in this. So if you don’t want those, don’t read it.

Ever since I watched this movie I’ve had a problem with it, and I’ve tried various code phrases like ‘unoriginal’ and ‘derivative’ to describe it, but the real problem is this – both the Republic and the Resistance to the First Order we see in The Force Awakens are dangerously incompetent.

We see in the movie that the First Order has a weapon capable of destroying star systems. It’s called the Starkiller Base. (Nice nod to the past, I’ll give it that.) They use it and destroy ‘The Republic Capital’ (they never actually say it is Coruscant, so I have no idea what planet they blew up, but that’s not important) and declare it ‘The End of the Republic’.

So the Republic just sat there and let the First Order build a weapon bigger and more powerful than the Death Star. This must have taken years. The weapon literally drains stars to generate the hyperlight blasts that it uses to kill planets. And nobody thought to stop this from happening.

In A New Hope the Death Star was being constructed by the Empire, which ran the whole galaxy, and it took them decades to do it, and the Rebels were trying to stop them but they were a tiny, bedraggled group of resistance fighters. In The Force Awakens there’s an entire Republic, ruling at least some of the galaxy, with fleets (3P0 specifically mentions that the fleets are gone now after the weapon fires) and at no fucking point did they decide to do anything about the First Order, didn’t discover them making a weapon many times more powerful than the Death Star, and had absolutely nothing in place in the event that the First Order did the exact same kind of shit the Empire did. Furthermore, by allowing the weapon to fire the heroes of our movie allow trillions to die.

If you thought it was troubling when Superman allowed Metropolis to be flattened while fighting the World Engine in Man of Steel, and you don’t have a problem with seeing entire planets get killed because someone has daddy issues and everybody else is staggeringly incompetent, then I don’t know what to tell you. My gut churned when I saw them fire the weapon and annihilate whole planets full of people. The Death Star destroying Alderaan was bad, but at least that wasn’t through Rebel inaction.

Also, the Republic has been sitting back and doing nothing while the First Order kidnaps and brainwashes kids into being Stormtroopers, but that’s another problem. In essence, in A New Hope the Rebels were on the defensive because they had no choice. In The Force Awakens they’re on the defensive through their own incompetence. And don’t get me started on Kylo Ren. I’m starting to think Anakin Skywalker’s whining is goddamn hereditary.

§ One Response to My biggest problem with The Force Awakens (Spoilers)

  • Drea B says:

    I waited to see it before reading this, and yeah, it’s like having a whiney character is a check box they have to tick off. The temper tantrums, even my 10 yo daughter knows that’s not how any reasonable person behaves. How well can you wield the force if you can’t control your temper?

    I enjoyed the movie, the plot was predictable but it was a Star Wars movie. I didn’t expect more than what I got really. My daughter has seen the Clone wars show but never the SW movies, so for her it was a whole new thing. I don’t want SW to be a nostalgia thing from her parents, I wanted it fresh and she really enjoyed it.

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