Star Wars: The Old Republic is the best MMO I’m not playing

June 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

And why not, considering all the awesome content coming to the game? Well, I’ll tell you why I’m not playing SW:TOR nor intend to in the future.

No flashpoint finder of any kind. Let this be a stark lesson to all future MMO developers. You cannot launch your MMO without something akin to a dungeon/raid finder. You cannot launch your MMO in response to what the biggest MMO in the world was doing four years ago. You need to be ready for what they’re doing now. A ton of great content, innovative questing and incredible story/soloing arcs will not sustain people if the majority of your grouping content is behind a wall that they don’t have to jump in your biggest competitor, who has years of content on the ground already. Guilds are, quite frankly, an antiquated concept that doesn’t have much appeal to the play for an hour or two a day crowd. Those people are your money. You want them, many of them playing your game and paying to play it. If you’re not going to go with a microtransactional model where people get invested in the game and pay for all sorts of side perks, then you need ease of play. In and out, quickly attainable content everyone can do.

The hardcore are not going to bring in enough bacon. Let’s be quite honest. Any time someone says “X is dumbing down the game, I’m going to go play Y” that person is not a worthwhile consumer for you to chase. You want players who will pay the monthly fee, long in for an hour or two when they have time, and otherwise leave your forums and servers in peace. You want volume. Theorycrafters, forum regulars, bloggers, we’re not the target because there are simply not enough of us. Out of the millions of people playing WoW right now, how many of them do you think are blogging about it? How many are griping about casuals? Not even one percent. You want the casuals. You want the stay at home dads, the moms coming home from work and spending an hour on her Sith Inquisitor to blow off some steam. You want people who don’t play a lot and don’t have time to try and assemble groups the old fashioned way.

Your game is amazing, Bioware. It’s one of the best MMO’s I’ve ever played. I’m not playing it now. I’m not even paying you anymore, which I did for two months after I stopped playing it. Because I don’t have the time to play it and sit there, searching for players and trying to assemble a group. Give me the tools, Bioware, and I’ll give you my money. Don’t, and pure inertia will keep me playing other games that already have these features.


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