January 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Just a general “Head’s Up” because I haven’t been using this site or really doing much of anything lately. The Holidays really depressed me, as did my annual No ideology, no matter how positive or negative it is, can be accurate swirling depression. It wasn’t helped by getting into the usual binary internet argument where someone argues not with you, but with a straw man they constructed and makes statements that indicate you can’t realize that all of human society is constructed by humans and thus not truly accurate, in terms of pure truth, without immediately going to live in a cave. I can recognize the limitations of human cognition and reasoning and understand that all ideologies are ultimately invented by humans to give their lives meaning without immediately abandoning human society. Understanding my own limitations doesn’t make me immediately want to abandon my wife and my cats.

Anyway, yes, monstrously depressed, completely in full fledged rejection of every -ism as being ultimately inaccurate, constructions from a limited perspective that do not see the world as it is and never can, and ultimately just tools we use to get through the world for good or ill.  This of course leaves me with the question “What, then, is the right choice of action” in a life very poorly equipped to answer that question. One could argue that the only correct course of action would be to engage in the search for truth while always admonishing oneself that truth cannot be found by a limited intellect that will live at most another 60 years or so, but my word that’s a depressing and exhausting notion. Live your life engaged forever in a struggle you can’t possibly complete searching for a concept that doesn’t actually exist, and which you can never define anyway. Yeah, that sounds like a party.

It’s strange that I feel humans are essentially all self-deluded hoisting flags and banners for whatever causes they favor, all of them wrong. Is that what I’m doing? If it is, what flag am I unfurling? Am I just bitter that I never found one with a really cool border?


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  • Honestly your reality, and hence your *life* is your own, regardless of other’s realities/realizations/recognitions/ideologies/whatever or even your own perceived limitations in these areas. There is no reason to be unhappy about things you only *think* you cannot comprehend or cannot realize. What if there is nothing more than you *think*?

    You can search for ‘truth’ throughout your life as many others do, and there is nothing wrong with that. However I believe the search for *happiness* to be more fruitful, and it can also include the search for truths.

    From my very narrow point of view (since I don’t’ know you), it appears that you have everything to live for and to feel contentedness with. I admire this site, your talents, your job, and that you are married. I pursue similar things in my own life and you have already achieved them 🙂

    However, I know circumstances vary from person to person, and from reality to reality. Just because *I* idealize these things in my life, does that mean I should be unhappy if I do not achieve them? Or does it mean that *you* should be content with them? Of course not.

    I *do* have many other things to be happy for, and that I feel content with. But *you* are the only one that can make the decision of what *you* are happy or content with….. Just because it may *seem* like there should be more to life than there currently is, does it mean we should be unhappy? Or should we just be happy with what we do have *while* exploring other possibilities?

    I feel that enjoying the journey is half of the reward!

    Matthew, if we only have *one* chance at the lives we live, why spend it being unhappy? I believe we should wholeheartedly enjoy it, regardless of any ‘perceived’ circumstances or limitations!

    Enjoy life to the fullest!! 🙂

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